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For immediate technical issues, please contact the TS Service Desk:
Phone: 02 6620 3698

General support for Mediasite users:
Contact the TS Service Desk

Mediasite is the University's video creation system used for the recording of lectures in equipped locations across the University's campuses as well as for the creation, editing and management of mediasite recordings by staff. The recordings can be streamed to most types of computers and devices and can be downloaded for later use.

Recording on campus in lecture rooms

Recordings in the University's Mediasite-equipped locations are requested as part of the normal room booking processes.

Regular room bookings

Regular room bookings are made by Unit Assessors or Course Coordinators via forms made available by the Timetable team in eAcademic. These forms are finalised prior to the relevant teaching session and are where a Unit Assessor or Course Coordinator must indicate the requirement for Mediasite recording of the booking. There are strict timelines for this process and staff are reminded of timetable deadlines by email.

Casual room bookings

Casual bookings of Mediasite-equipped locations can be made by staff and students using the Room Booking Online Form. As part of completing this form, you are required to specify whether Mediasite recording is required for the booking.

Information regarding the requirement for a regular or casual room booking to be recorded is passed to the Mediasite team who then arrange for the recording to take place. If you would like confirmation that your casual room booking will be recorded, please contact the TS Service Desk.

For general information on University room bookings, please email the Timetable team at or phone 02 6626 9353.

Mediasite-equipped locations

See list of Mediasite-equipped locations across the University. Please see instructions on how to record using Mediasite.

Mediasite recordings can also be arranged in other locations where only video conferencing equipment is available. This is done by making a video conference connection with a Mediasite-equipped location - a process known as far-end recording. See list of locations with video conferencing facilities.

Recording availability

After the recording has been completed and processed, it will be made available on the My Mediasite portal of the academic staff member where editing tasks can be performed.

If the recording is associated with a unit of study, it will be made available on that unit's Learning Site on a catalogue page in the 'Lectures' content area, from where it can be accessed by unit teaching staff and students currently enrolled in the unit.