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Audio Visual: FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q: Can I borrow AV equipment?
A: Technology Services do not loan equipment.

There is a limited AV loans service available from the Library circulation desk. It is the university's policy that all scholarship recipients must study full time unless there are exceptional circumstances and approval has been granted for part time study.

Q: Is support in the use of AV equipment available for non teaching activities?
A: Use of facilities for non-teaching activities must be booked by contacting Student Services. Support is also available by prior arrangement and must be requested with the room booking.
Q: Back-up plans for all computer presentations
A: Nothing is 100% reliable. If your class depends on a PowerPoint or Word presentation, there are a few back-up choices:

  • Copy the presentation to a Flash drive or burn it on to a CD.
  • Email the presentation to yourself, and when in the theatre, log onto Outlook Web App
  • Save the presentation on Dropbox
Q: Why is there no laptop image/display on the projector after I turn it on?
A: For PC users - If you get an image on the laptop screen but not on the projector, check the following:

On your laptop's keyboard, find the key marked Fn (function) (usually on the lower left corner of the keyboard).

Then, search for a key that has either the letters LCD/CRT or a little monitor icon. Most often, it will be in the top row of keys marked F1 through F12, but not always.

When you have both keys located, press and hold the Fn (function) key and then press the LCD/CRT key that you located before. It might take a couple of seconds for the computer to react.

This should toggle the screen image through a cycle like this: Image on Laptop Screen | Image on Projector | Image on Both. So if you press the "Function F" key sequence once, you'll get an image on the projector, but your laptop screen will go black. Press the key sequence again and you'll see the image through the projector and on your laptop. (This information will be in your laptop's instruction manual.)

Updated: 07 December 2015