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Staff storage and backups

Backing up files

There are many ways to backup your data at the University:

  • Save your data to your personal U:Drive (My Documents)
  • Use a USB drive or other removable device.

Note: It is vital that staff members ensure their valuable data is backed up or a computer failure could be a disaster.

Staff members can also backup to the Shared Work W:Drive (though this can be accessed by your whole workgroup).

U:Drive information

Staff can save their work files to their hard-drive and U:Drive. It is advisable to save important files to your U:Drive. Should your computer fail the files on your U:Drive will have been backed up for you.

For staff members using Macs, the process to login to your U: and W: Drives is slightly different. Go to setting up your shared drives on a Mac, or please contact the TS Service Desk.

How much space do I have allocated on my U:Drive?

  • Individual Staff: 5 gigabytes

OneDrive for Business (OD4B)

  • OD4B for all personal work data that has typically been stored on laptop and computer workstation hard drives, U drive, USB drives or Dropbox/other cloud storage.
  • Download OneDrive for Business guides