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Eduroameduroam is a worldwide education roaming service is available at Southern Cross University. It provides a secure wireless connection for staff, students and visitors. Being part of eduroam allows you to visit a participating institution and connect to the Internet the same way you do on campus - all without having to request a guest account.

Where can I use eduroam?

You can use eduroam at all SCU campuses and other participating institutions within Australia and is also available in other countries. The Where can I eduroam page will take you to all participating countries.

Lismore campus

  • Whole campus

Coffs Harbour campus and National Marine Science Centre (NMSC)

  • Whole campus

Gold Coast campus

  • Whole campus

The Hotel School Sydney/Melbourne; Sydney and Melbourne branch campuses

  • All lab and teaching spaces.

For SCU staff and students

All SCU Staff and Student accounts are eduroam enabled. Before travelling to another institution visit: Getting Started with eduroam.

If you require assistance contact the TS Service Desk.

For visitors to SCU

Simply connect to eduroam as you would normally, using instructions provided by your home institution.

Once connected to eduroam you'll have high-speed access to AARNet (and all AARNet sites) as well as access to the rest of the Internet.

The TS Service Desk staff are happy to provide assistance to visitors if connection documentation is available from your home organisation.

Conditions of use

The use of eduroam is governed by the Australian eduroam Policy (pdf) and the Southern Cross University Conditions of Use Policy. For visitors to SCU the Acceptable Use Policy of your home institution applies. The eduroam network is not content filtered and access by staff or students under-18 requires parental consent. A free filter is available to Australian residents. Authentication information is recorded by SCU and your home organisation in case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.

eduroam is a registered trademark of TERENA. SCU is independent of TERENA.