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Student accounts and access

New students

Your offer provides the information you need to log in to 'My Enrolment' to complete your offer process. All your login and access details to other university systems will be provided in My Enrolment.

After logging in please ensure that you click on the 'MySCU Details' tab and record your username and password. This section provides you with access to the MySCU Blackboard learning environment ( It is separate to My Enrolment. Contact the TS Service Desk if you are having trouble logging in.

Computer Orientation Sessions for students

During Orientation Week for each Semester, Technology Services provides Computing Essentials Orientation sessions.

These introductory sessions provide students with the basic skills required to effectively use the student systems associated with their Learning Sites.

The sessions are hands-on with one computer per student. Learn how to login, email, print, an overview of the MySCU portal, Internet access, file/data management at home and on-campus, wireless access, Collaborate and general hints and tips.

The Sessions are of 1 hour duration. All sessions are free and students are encouraged to take advantage of these classes. Continuing students are always welcome.

Continuing students

You should use your existing user name and password. Contact the TS Service Desk if you are having trouble logging in.

If you are under 18

If you are under 18, additional information/approvals are needed to connect to the Internet at SCU.

Southern Cross University has an obligation under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (as amended) to ensure that Internet access accounts are not provided to persons under the age of 18 years without the consent of a parent or other responsible adult.

Please complete the online access form. Should you require further information or assistance please contact the TS Service Desk.

Refer: Australian Government - Net Alert