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Dell Student Purchasing Program

As a preferred hardware supplier to the University, students are able to purchase Dell equipment at a discount.


Coupons are great because you get a discount instantly before you buy or over the phone.

How it works

Find your favourite Dell deal on this site, grab a coupon and we will send you to the Dell online store to buy. You can paste your coupon code into the Shopping Cart to collect your discount.

Steps to purchase with theDell Student Purchasing Program

  • Access the DellStudent Purchasing Program at
  • Select the Coupon that is most suited for your purchase (price-point and product type)
  • Register/Loginusing your institutions email address (you will need to click the account activation link in the email the system will send you)
  • Grab(copy to clipboard) the Coupon code
  • Head to the Dell website(button link provided)
  • Select and configure product (customise options to suit your needs if required)
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Paste the Coupon code into the field provided in the shopping cart and click the Apply Coupon Button
  • Complete the online transaction at the discounted price

Need help?

Dell offer aChat onlineservice (click theChat online link in the top left corner of any page on the Dell site).Alternatively you can contact them on 1800 812 393 or the Dell ourStudent FAQ site.