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SCU International

Pro Vice Chancellor (International and Enterprise)

Chris PattonChris Patton commenced as Pro Vice Chancellor (International and Enterprise) at Southern Cross University on 03 January 2012.

As Pro Vice Chancellor (International and Enterprise), Chris Patton provides vision and leadership in:

  • Achieving the University's strategic objectives in relation to international and enterprise activities including educational collaborations and partnerships.
  • Providing strategic direction to Southern Cross University schools in the development and delivery of curriculum, teaching and research relating to international and commercial collaborations.
  • Leading university-wide planning and strategy development in relation to international and enterprise activities.

Chris Patton is a member of the Regional Universities Network (RUN) and the Executive of the Universities Australia Committee of the Deputy/Pro Vice Chancellors International.

Commercial Activities

The University is permitted to engage in commercial activities that comprise the commercial exploitation or development of any facility, resource or property of the University. Such commercial activity must be for the University's benefit.

Examples of permitted commercial activities include, but are not limited to:

  • the establishment of companies, partnerships or joint ventures;
  • continuing education activities (eg. conferences, seminars, non-award and tailored professional programs);
  • contract research; and
  • overseas projects.

The University is required by law to keep a register of all commercial activities. This Register is held within the SCU Legal Office. The Register is a central repository for information on the University's commercial activities and is required to hold specific details on each activity.

All commercial activities must be entered into the register and be consistent with the object and functions of the University and with all applicable laws, regulations and policies. To ensure this, the University has implemented guidelines and procedures to be followed for the initiation, approval, management and review of all commercial activities.

Staff Resources

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Enterprise) is responsible for management of the relationship between SCU and its Educational Collaborators including the holding of Management Committee meetings. If SCU staff are interested in matters discussed at these meetings, please contact the Office of the PVCIE.