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SCU International

Why SCU?

Southern Cross University is a vibrant, contemporary Australian university with campuses at the Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour, with branch campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. The University operates The Hotel School Sydney and The Hotel School Melbourne in partnership with Mulpha Australia.

Southern Cross University is in a unique part of Australia where students can access some of the best surfing beaches and marine environments in the country. World Heritage rainforest areas and national parks are also regional attractions - perfect for bushwalking and camping experiences.

Commitment to our international students

Southern Cross University has a dedicated team of staff at SCU International who are committed to assisting international students. Whether it's the application or acceptance process, orientation support throughout your studies, our International Student Support team will help make the transition easier.

Our name

The university is named after the constellation of stars that appears in the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere and that also appears on the Australian flag. It is a proud and significant symbol in Australia's history associated with this country's move to establishing its national identity and is a fitting symbol for this progressive university.