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SCU International

Scholarships for International Students

Southern Cross University does not offer scholarships to international students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate coursework.

A limited number of competitively awarded scholarships are available for international students undertaking a postgraduate research award only. Please note that the application for those scholarships is separate from application to candidature. Please visit Graduate School for further information.

Australian Government Scholarships

The Australian Government offers scholarship to students from a range of countries through programs such as the Australian Awards Scholarship and the Australian Awards Fellowships.

For more information visit Australia Award Scholarships.

Study Abroad Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for Study Abroad students from nominated partners. These scholarships assist with living expenses while studying in Australia. The scholarship value is between AUD2500-5000. You cannot make an application until you are enrolled as a Study Abroad student.

For more information email: