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SCU International

Accepting your Offer

International Onshore applicants, are emailed a International Offer Package which includes:

  1. Offer of Admission
  2. Information for Accepting your Offer
  3. Offer Acceptance Agreement

Please follow the instructions outlined in your Offer Package.

All other international applicants should follow the instructions below.

The steps outlined below are what you need to do to accept your offer.

Note: Select any dotted underlined word to get an explanation of what it means.

First, you need to get admitted to your course

Step 1. Get Access to My Enrolment and Your Details

What is My Enrolment? My Enrolment is the web service that allows you to self-manage your studies, including enrolment, class registration, grades and fees. You will need to log in to My Enrolment using your student number [explanation box] and password listed on your details are provided in your Offer of Admission or Offer. This is found under the heading My Enrolment Login Details.

Open My Enrolment

Can't log in? Select the Forgotten your login details link on the login screen and your password will be emailed to you.

Now that you are in My Enrolment, you must check your details

  1. Within My Enrolment select My Details.
    Check that the information recorded is correct. If details are wrong, contact Student Services (see top of the My Details screen).

  2. Select Contact Details from the left-hand menu.
    Your addresses, phone and email contacts will be displayed. SCU use these details to contact you so it is important they are correct. It is your responsibility to update your contact details in My Enrolment whenever they change. This is also a requirement of your Student Visa. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your contact details.

Step 2. Retrieve your 'Offer'

    Your Offer includes important information. Before accepting, review the information outlined in the Offer and follow the instructions. The Offer was sent to the email address provided in the application. You can also access it through My Enrolment.

  1. Within My Enrolment select Offer. The course(s) for which you have an offer will be displayed.
  2. Select 'View' to display the offer details.
  3. Search for documents created after the date you submitted your application.
  4. A record of your offer letter will list in the grid.
  5. Click the View link in the Offers tab.
  6. Your Offer will download.

Step 3. Accept your Offer

To accept you must reply BEFORE the Offer Lapse Date:

  1. Complete the Offer of Acceptance Agreement* within the Offer of Admission pack, and return with payment, or other evidence of payment to: or
    Southern Cross University - SCU International, PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480, Australia
    or *If you are under 18 years of the Offer Acceptance Agreement must be signed by your parent or guardian.

  2. Pay Southern Cross University the total amount due, as indicated in the Offer. Please refer to the 'How to Pay' section for payment options. If fees increase after the issue of the Offer, you are required to pay the additional amount prior to the start date. Visit the international course and fee list for current fees.

Important: Does your offer list any specific offer conditions that you must fulfil before enrolment will be allowed?

If so, check you have provided International Admissions with any additional information requested in your Offer. To upload supporting documentation, visit the Applications tab within My Enrolment and click the Upload link provided. Alternatively, you can send documents by email to or fax +61 2 6622 3227 or mail PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480.

Step 4. Student Visa - International Onshore Applicants Only

Once an International Onshore Applicants has accepted an Offer and all conditions are met, a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued by Southern Cross University.

To apply for a Student Visa you will need a CoE, valid passport and any other documentation required by the Australian Overseas Diplomatic Mission. For further information on conditions please visit

To secure your place at the University, you must accept the offer and pay the initial fee stated on the offer letter by the deadline clearly stated in the offer letter, or the offer will lapse. You should then visit the Arriving in Australia page and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed these tasks, you have officially been admitted to your course. Admission happens once every time you start a new course at SCU.