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Full degree students

Who is an international student?

If you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen and do not have permanent or temporary residence in Australia at commencement of your study, you are considered an international student. International students studying in Australia, can only apply for courses that are CRICOS registered. Distance courses are not available to international students travelling on a student visa.

Study Abroad and International Exchange

If you are an international student wanting to study one or two sessions in Australia, find out about our Study Abroad program for incoming students.

If you are an international student at an SCU Exchange Institution wanting to studying at SCU as an exchange student, contact the International Office at your home institution.

Outbound Exchange

If you are an SCU student wanting to studying overseas at a SCU Exchange Institution, or visit International Exchange .

English and Academic Pathways

SCU College offer a range of English language and academic pathways at the Gold Coast and Lismore campuses.

Higher Degrees Research

The University offers postgraduate research degrees including Masters by Thesis and PhDs through the Graduate School.

Advanced Standing

You may be eligible to apply for advanced standing for previous study or work experience, which may reduce time off your degree. Visit the credit pathways or advanced standing page for more information. Remember to apply for your advanced standing at the time of application.