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SCU Health Clinic

SCU Student Services

HealthyUServices only open to Students of SCU

SCU Student Equity and Disability Support Service

A free service provided to SCU Students who require academic adjustments to assist with their study, which can also include equipment or software.

The Student Equity and Disability Officer is also available to provide advice and support to students who believe they may have been discriminated against by a member of staff or another student because of race, religion, sexuality, age, disability or gender.

SCU Student Counselling and Psychological Support Service

A free counselling service available to SCU Students, who require assistance dealing with study pressures, stress, anxiety & depression and other mental health matters.

The Counselling Service's wellbeing classes and activities encourage individuals to take action to build up their health and wellbeing resources by being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life.

Appointments and further information

Contact us for assistance with further information and bookings.