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Dietitians are people who specialise in food and nutrition. Your Dietitian will advise you on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle or recommendations around a health goal or issue.

Dietitians have been required to meet academic and professional requirements and are registered with an accrediting body who maintain a quality control on the profession.

Dietitians may specialise in specific areas of interest which may include sports, children, obesity, osteoporosis, oncology and chronic illness, food allergies, and weight loss. The clinical trained staff may work in a variety of institutions including hospitals, nursing care facilities, community organisations or in private practice. They can be known as nutritionist or Dietitians.

The Dietitian will prescribe a plan which will be aligned to what your initial goals and requirements may be.

In Australia Dietitians gain their qualifications through University courses accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) in order for patients to receive a rebate from Medicare system of private insurance registration is required.