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SCU Health Clinic

School of Health and Human Science Simulation Truck

Video - Mobile Learning and Research Facility 'Sim Truck'
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The Southern Cross University, School of Health & Human Science is an integral part of the NSW community providing quality education to health workers and allied health workers entering the higher education facility.

The Simulation Truck (or Sim Truck) was acquired as part of a successful grant allocation by the Health Workforce Australia (HWA) in 2011. This initiative is to provide preventative care alongside chronic care for the outreach communities. The truck comes with a complete simulation for the purposes of on the spot training across many health disciplines. The truck can also be changed to suit the needs and layouts required by specific disciplines and service providers.

The proposed use of the truck will be for the University and any external parties requiring the hire of a state of the art facility for teaching and learning, seminars, public health program or training requirements.

The truck can be placed at specific locations depending on council approval, permission and compliance.

This mobile teaching, learning and health facility is a 'one-of-a-kind' facility in the North Coast area providing access to services previously difficult to obtain or unobtainable.

The truck is a unique provider of service to the community. One of the strengths of this facility is the mobility to meet the needs and requirements of the community. The cost of running this facility and staffing shall always be taken into consideration before accepting a booking.

Sim Truck from the outsideSim Truck from the insideSim Truck and Professor Ian Graham and Janelle Saffin