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SCU Health Clinic

Professor Andrew Cashin - Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Professor Andrew CashinDip App Sci, BHSC, GCERT PTT, MN, PhD, FACMHN, FCN, MACNP
ABN: 28 865 254 765

The Southern Cross University based autism clinic will focus on counselling and psychotherapy services for people with autism and their families. The service for individuals is provided across the lifespan.

For individuals the focus includes collaborative work in a modified Narrative Therapy framework to enable the person to navigate complex social situations. The therapy is based on the useful visual and concretising elements in Narrative Therapy and an understanding of the thinking and learning processing style inherent in autism. The work is aimed at reducing anxiety and leading to increased personal agency and resilience and associated behavioural change.

Work with families includes education on the principles of, and support in the practice of, Positive Behaviour Support. Family resilience issues are worked on. This work can include work with grandparents and identified family supports.

Based on availability I am happy to provide in situ consults within schools, and staff education, related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Appointments and further information

This service is provided at the Lismore Health Clinic.
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