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13th Annual Psychology Honours Research Conference

As part of the Honours year in Psychology at Southern Cross University, students conducted a major research project. The research findings are showcased to the public and academic staff in a one-day conference.

When: 8:30am, Friday 7 October 2016
Where: Room D350, Southern Cross University, Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour

Conference program

Friday 7 October
8:30amMeet and greet. Coffee and tea available in the foyer
9:00amWelcome and opening remarks: Dr Gail Moloney
Welcome to Country
Introduction: Professor Peter Hassmen
Opening address: Monica Heafy (Baringa Private Hospital)

Session 1Chair: Dr Jim Donnelly
9:30amJessica Gillies: Show us your manhood! Precarious perceptions of men and masculinity
9:45amShauna Byrne: The (limited) effect of psycho-education on women's attitudes to labiaplasty
10:00amHarriet Hulme: Getting to the bottom of backlash: The social cost of sex role violation
Session 2Chair: Dr Desiree Kozlowski
10:15amDevshree Bhatt: Foreign language effect on moral decision-making in Hindi-English bilinguals
10:30amSarah Kross: Is ƨƚɒɿ processed the same as rats? How reading shapes our brain
10:45amSteven Eveleigh: Online learning environments: Comprehending or conforming?
11:00amShereen Samy: Mirror invariance: Differences between Thai and English orthography
11:00 - 11:30amMorning tea
Session 3Chair: Dr Steve Provost
11:30amDieudonne Ininahazwe: The effect of choice reaction time on reflexive eye-movement
11:45amZelal Bircan: How to make better gambling decisions: Avoid heuristics and biases!
12:00pmSally Krantz: Endogenous Saccades: Reactions from Distractions
12:15pmEmma Murphy: If you want to remember what I say, stop moving and pay attention!
12:30pmGeoff Belz: The evolutionary perspective of eyewitness testimony
12:45pmJanet Fedley: The effect of eye exercises on working memory performances
1:00 - 1:45pmLunch
Session 4Chair: Dr Alison Bowling
1:45pmJodi Wittenberg: Effects of social marketing on attitudes and behaviour towards intimate partner violence
2:00pmMichelle Scott: To C or not to C: Effects of caesarean scarring on birthing preferences
2:15pmBeth Bradhurst: You can do it! Effects of crowd support and anxiety on physical and perceptual-cognitive performance in cyclists
Session 5Chair: Dr Mitchell Longstaff
2:30pmChristine Dacron: Friends or family - what do younger generations think older adults need?
2:45pmMaddison Norton: Understanding diversity in Coffs Harbour: who makes up a 'community'?
3:00 - 3:30pmAfternoon tea
Session 6Chair: Dr Heather Winkskel
3:15pmMalcolm Brunton: A novel approach to mismatch negativity: the influence of habituation on cognitive processions
3:30pmBen Faher-Folkard: Latent inhabition, just leave your mask
3:45pmBreanna Shuttlewood: The relationship between affect, emotion regulation and delay discounting
4:00pmDrinks and nibbles (student lounge)
4:15pmPresentation of awards, speeches and closing statements (student lounge)

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