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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I study part time?
A: All International students who are studying in Australia under the student visa must study full time. Domestic candidates can choose to study full time or part time. It is the University's policy that all scholarship recipients must study full time unless there are exceptional circumstances and approval has been granted for part time study.
Q: Can I seek an English language waiver as an international student?
A: No waiver to this language requirement is given.
Q: Can a HDR Student apply for and start a PhD , Masters by Research or Professional Doctorate anytime?
A: Candidates seeking admission to Southern Cross University may apply at any time.
Q: When is my enrolment activated?
A: Upon receipt of a completed signed Supervisor Candidate Agreement form by the Graduate School, enrolment of a candidate is actioned and their candidature commences being calculated from the date of receipt of the signed agreement.
Q: How often do I need to submit a progress report to the Graduate School?
A: All candidates regardless of whether they are enrolled part time or full time are required to submit a progress report to the Graduate School every six months from the commencement of their candidature. Only candidates who are on interruption for the majority of the reporting period are exempt from submitting a report.
Q: I need to revise and resubmit my thesis, what date should be on the revised thesis?
A: The actual date of the second submission is the date that should be used for the revised thesis.