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How to Apply for Admission

The following steps will detail how you apply for Postgraduate Study at SCU. If you have any problems completing the online application form or have questions about the process please contact One of our staff members will assist you as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving your application and assisting you with furthering your studies.

Step 1 - Choose the degree you wish to study

For information about the postgraduate awards that Southern Cross University has to offer please select from the following:

Step 2 - Check your qualifications meet the entry requirements

Please view the relevant award admission requirements: Doctor of Philosophy award rules, Professional Doctorate award rules and Masters by Thesis award rules. Once you have made sure you have the relevant tertiary qualifications or equivalent relevant experience, provide certified copies of all the relevant documents with your application. These will include:

  • Exam results if you are currently enrolled in an institution
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Certified English translations for degrees completed overseas, including copies of original documents

Step 3 - Check the English Language requirements

Applicants who cannot provide an assessable undergraduate qualification undertaken in English (from any country), must provide either:

  • an original IELTS test result, showing a score of 6.5 or better, including a minimum score of 6.0 in the sub-bands (IELTS Essentials); or
  • an original TOEFL test result showing a score of 580 or better (min score of 237 for computer based), and a Test of Written English (TWE) score of at least 5.0 (TOEFL website);
  • Other evidence of ability to study in English may be considered, and any evidence should not be more than two (2) years old at the date of application.

If you do not meet the English Language entry requirement, Southern Cross University through our SCU College has three NEAS accredited English Language programs offering courses designed to assist international students with their language skills and prepare them for university studies.

Step 4 - Find a supervisor

The Higher Degree Research (HDR) Register of Supervisor Policy requires that all supervisors of postgraduate students at SCU be registered as approved supervisors on the SCU HDR Supervisor Register, which is a requirement in order to undertake the role of Principal or Co-Supervisor for a potential or current candidate.

Before you start an application for admission to study at SCU, it is important that you have made contact with a prospective supervisor. This supervisor must:

  • have the relevant expertise to supervise you
  • be an approved supervisor on the HDR Supervisor Register
  • the capacity to supervise
  • be willing to be nominated as your Principal Supervisor.

Please use the List of Supervisors in each School to assist you in your decision. If you need assistance with finding an appropriate supervisor please consult with the appropriate School Director (contact list) to discuss possible supervisors.

Step 5 - Complete the online application form


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Masters by Research (by Thesis)

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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Doctor of Indigenous Philosophy (DIPh)

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