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Thesis Submission and Availability

How to Submit Your Thesis

Lodgement of all required copies of a research thesis is a pre-requisite for graduation.

While a candidate retains the intellectual property in the Thesis, pursuant to University policy and rules, lodging a research thesis with SCU means:

  1. an unbound hard copy will be placed in the University Library Archive; and
  2. a digital copy will be uploaded to the online institutional repository which means it will be published within an approved institutional auspice on the worldwide web.

If necessary, a candidate may apply to have various restrictions on access placed on this copy and the unbound Archive copy (please refer to the submission rules if you seek such restrictions). The requirements pertaining to the lodgement of the hard copies of a thesis are detailed in the Postgraduate Handbook.

The online copy means that this copy is available at any time to any person in any place.

Please complete the Thesis Deposit and Verification Form and return it to the Higher Degrees Research Officer.

Candidates should also be aware that there are copyright implications you must address before making your thesis available online.

Restricting the Availability of a Thesis

Access to theses may be completely restricted for a defined period of up to 24 months (see University Rules). Restricted theses will have citation and abstract data made available, but not the full thesis. Once the full thesis is published in, there is no restriction on who may access it.


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