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School of Arts and Social Sciences

Current short term programs

Visual Art in India

Applications are now OPEN.

Partner University: National Institute of Design, INDIA
Type: Short-term study - undergraduate
Dates: Session 1, 2017
Funding: 10 scholarships available in 2017

Visual Arts students have the opportunity to study at The National Institute of Design which is India's premier design school in National Institute of Design, India. NID organises International Open Electives through a two week workshops across diverse disciplines. The scope and nature of the subjects are envisaged to be multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary enabling new contexts and cross overs. Students will have the opportunity to speak, deliver and present papers.

Independent project in Barcelona

Applications are now OPEN.

Partner University: University of Barcelona (UB), SPAIN
Type: Short-term study, Research - undergraduate
Dates: Students are flexible to leave when they choose but are expected to attend UB on Friday 15th December 2017 and undertake a progress report assessment meeting as part of SOY10114.
Funding: 10 scholarships available in 2017

SCU students are selected to participate based on their proposal for their compulsory independent project unit related to their studies - in cultural studies, creative writing, art, media, politics, history, music etc. They are given the opportunity to pursue in depth a topic of particular interest from theoretical or practical issues raised in earlier units of the major being undertaken within their Bachelor degree in Barcelona. Research/creative projects will be closely supervised by an interdisciplinary team chosen from UN. Students will present to their peers and staff at UB and be assessed for credit