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Niloofar Karimian

Niloofar Karimian


M.Sc in Soil Science engineering ( soil chemistry and fertility) 2011, Azad University of Esfahan/Iran

BS in soil science engineering, 2003, Azad University of Esfahan/Iran.


Research interests / background:

PhD topic: Unravelling the rhizosphere redox-cycling of iron, sulfur and carbon in re-flooded acidic wetlands.

  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Cycling of Fe and S in re-flooded fresh water acid sulphate soil wetlands
  • Kinetics of trace metals mobilization in re-flooded acidic wetlands

Supervisors: A/Prof Scott Johnston, A/Prof Ed Burton

Journal articles

N Karimian, M Kalbasi, Sh Hajrasouliha. Effet of acidified converter sludge on some chemical characteristics of selected calcareous soils from central Iran.2012.African journal of agricultural sciences. Vol. 7(4), pp. 568-576


Karimian N., Johnston S.G., Burton E.D. (2014) Kinetics and magnitude of acidity generation during simulated oxidation of re-flooded freshwater acid sulfate soils. In: "Proceedings of the 4th National Conference on Acid Sulfate Soils". 20th-21st May 2014, Perth, Australia.

Karimian N., Kalbasi M., (2012). Effect of acidified converter sludge on some chemical characteristics of a selected calcareous soil (2012). Plant Growth and Nutrition Conference, Austria, February 18-21.(accepted paper for poster presentation)

N. Karimian , M. Kalbasia . Effect of acidified coverter sludge on 3 calcareous soils chemical characristics from central Iran .(2012) ,Accepted abstract from 8TH international soil science conference, Izmir, Turkey 15-17 May (accepted abstract)