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Southern Cross GeoScience

Stan Kinis

Stan Kinis


PhD Topic: Clues of Wari presence on the North coast of Peru. A Multidisciplinary study of Wari pottery at the San Jose de Moro archaeological site.

Supervisors: A/Prof. Anja Scheffers, Dr. Renaud Joannes-Boyau

Honours, Southern Cross GeoScience, 2012 (Southern Cross University)

BSc, Marine Science and Management, 2010 (Southern Cross University)

Research interests/background

  • Geoarchaeology
  • Palaeotsunami research
  • Coastal geomorphology

Awards & Honours

  • 2012: Southern Cross Geoscience Research Scholarship
  • 2012: AINSE Honours Scholarship


Journal articles

Kelletat D., Kinis S., Scheffers A. (2013) Recent advances in Palaeo-Tsunami Research of the Eastern Mediterranean. Aegean Geographical Journal, Spec. Vol. in Honour of Prof. Dr. Ilhan Kayan, University of Izmir, Turkey. 35 pp. (2012 ERAID N/A)

Conference proceedings


Henning P., Vott A., Kinis S., Kelletat D., Hadler H., Willershauser, T. "Sedimentological and geophysical studies along ancient Phalasarna and the tectonic question of the uplifted harbour- destruction by earthquake and/or tsunami?" 32nd International Congress, Cologne Germany 2012, August 26-30.

Willershauser T., Vott A., Hadler H., Henning P., Ntageretzis K., Kinis S., Scheffers A., Bruckner H., Bareth G., Reicherter K., Koster B. " Palaeotsunamis imprint the shores of the Gulf of Kyparissia (Peleponnese, Greece)." 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, Australia 2012, August 5-10.