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Southern Cross GeoScience

Dr Jeffrey Parr

Jeff Parr

BA (UNE), B.App.Sc. Hons 1 (SCU), PhD (SCU)

PhD Thesis: A study of Palaeo-Landscapes in the Numundo region of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, as indicated by Fossil Phytoliths


Research interests/background

Jeff is a Senior Research Fellow at Southern Cross GeoScience, an Adjunct Professor at the Fujian Academy of Forestry Science, Fuzhou, China, and an Honorary Research Fellow of Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University, China.

The relationship between phytoliths (plantstones) and carbon sequestration: Jeffs ARC Discovery Project DP0773868 Enhancing long-term soil organic carbon sequestration involved the screening of economically important plant species for their occluded carbon content. Plant silica bodies' known as plantstones, phytoliths or plant opal are formed in and around the cell wall of many plant species replicating the cell wall shape and encapsulating the inner organic carbon content. These silica bodies are deposited into the soil when a plant dies and are highly resistant to decomposition.

Plant silica interactions: Planstones play an important role in encapsulating carbon and are linked to regulatory processes of plant transpiration rates, drought tolerance and other disease and pest resist qualities in plants.

Climate change, vegetation history, forensic analysis and archaeology particularly in relation to phytolith and starch grain analysis: Phytoliths are highly resistant to decomposition making them very useful diagnostic tools for radiocarbon dating, forensic investigations, palaeoenvironmental research including palaeo-diets and vegetation histories.

Research grants

  • 2011 - $7,800 AINSE Grant No 6580 CI Title: Geochemical analysis of stone tools of the Far North Coast, NSW
  • 2011 - $190,000 SRDC Grant Co Ci Title: Development of value-added products from sugar cane boiler ash.
  • 2009 ¨C $950,000. Co. CI ARC LIEF ID: LE0989067 instrumentation for chronology and environmental reconstruction.
  • 2007 ¨C $255,000. Sole CI ARC Project ID: DP0773868 Enhancing long-term soil organic carbon sequestration.
  • 2006 - $5585 CI. AINSE AINGRA2510. Characterisation of zeolites.
  • 2004 - $12,690 CI. AINSE AINGRA04119. Radiocarbon dating of sediments.
  • 2004 - $8,000 CI. AINSE AINGRA04208. Characterisation of silica in phytoliths for high end use (fibre optics).
  • 2003 - $2000 CI IRG SCU.
  • 2000 - $54,000 Australian Postgraduate Award
  • 2000 - $22,500 AINSE Postgraduate Award Stipend
  • 2000 - $16,500 AINSE Postgraduate Grant PGR 8/01
  • 2000 - $2000 Southern Cross University, Postgraduate Grant


Journal articles


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Conference proceedings

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Book chapters


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