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Hanieh Tohidi Farid

Hanieh Tohidi Farid


B.Sc, Natural Resources Engineering (Iran)

M.Sc Fisheries (Iran)

Research interests / background

PhD topic
The Bioavailability of Iron Oxides to Marine Diazotrophic Cyanobacteria: Implications for Fe, P and N Cycling in Oligotrophic Environments

Diazotrophic marine cyanobacteria in the genera Trichodesmium and Crocosphaera contribute a large fraction of new nitrogen fluxes to the oligotrophic oceans, but little is known about how they respond to shifts in global change variables such as iron, phosphorus. In this study I am specifically interested in understanding,

  • Biogeochemical cycling of iron in the ocean
  • Fe acquisition mechanisms used by cyanobacteria
  • Role of natural organic matter (NOM), colloidal particles (e.g. dust) and reactive oxygen species on Fe chemistry and bioavailability
  • Characteristics of T. erythraeum under continuous culture, with particular focus on Fe/P interactions and co-limitation
  • Redox, precipitation, complexation and dissolution reactions in aquatic systems

Supervisors: Prof Andrew Rose, Dr Peter Kraal, Dr Kai Schulz & Dr Dirk Erler