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Southern Cross GeoScience


Na Sai


2005: M.E of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

2002: B.E of School of Environment, Tsinghua University, China

Gold medal of Environmental friendly Fashion Design Competition, Tsinghua University, 2001

Registered environmental impact assessment engineer


Research interests / background:

Hypoxic dead zones are a rapidly growing global environmental crisis in estuarine, coastal and marine ecosystems.Current researches have shown that these hypoxic events occur after summer floods as a result of receiving blackwaters formed in coastal wetlands.The fundamental composition and reactivity of blackwater with oxygen has not been systematically resolved. In particular, the influence of photochemistry on these processes remains very poorly understood.My PhD project aims at exploring fundamental photochemical processes involved in blackwaters in order to gain a detailed understanding of their effect on blackwater deoxygenation potential processes. Particular objectives are to:

  • Investigate the kinetics and mechanisms of photochemical oxidation of natural organic matter (NOM), and associated consumption of dissolved oxygen, in irradiated surface floodwaters.
  • Analyze the influence of NOM type and concentration on these processes.
  • Analyze the influence of Fe speciation and concentration on these processes.
  • Assess the potential contribution of these processes to deoxygenation potential in the Richmond River system.

Supervisors: Prof Andrew Rose, A/Prof Scott Johnston & Prof Leigh Sullivan

Journal articles & patent


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The 4th International Conference on Watershed Management and Urban Water Supply,2004, China.