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SCU STAR Early Entry recommendation guide

(Principals, Careers Advisers, Guidance Officers)

SCU STAR Early Entry enables year 12 students at our partner schools to gain early admission to SCU on the basis of their school principal's recommendation, recognising that you know your students and their abilities best. SCU STAR Early Entry aims to match an individual student to a particular course based on their likelihood of success in their chosen discipline.

This page contains information about SCU STAR Early Entry for school principals and careers advisers/guidance officers. Year 12 students should refer to STAR Early Entry information for year 12 students.

New for 2017

SCU STAR Early Entry offers will be made directly from the University to successful applicants. Students are not required to put in a UAC or QTAC application. There are no fees associated with SCU STAR Early Entry registration.

SCU STAR Early Entry offers are valid for students commencing their study in 2017 - they cannot be deferred for study in a later year.

SCU STAR Early Entry courses

Most SCU undergraduate courses are available through STAR. There are a few exceptions. Courses not on offer through STAR in 2017 are the Bachelor of Midwifery and our Education degrees. Applications for these courses can be made via UAC or QTAC.

For more information about our courses and where they are offered, visit course options and refer to the undergraduate course list.

Admission guidelines for SCU STAR Early Entry

SCU has developed the School Guide to Assessing SCU STAR Early Entry applications which will provide advice to principals and careers advisers/guidance officers and where particular attributes are required for individual courses. The Assessment Guide can be accessed once you login in to the STAR Early Entry site.

Any student contemplating applying via STAR must be passing their year 12 subjects, with some disciplines such as Law and Engineering requiring students to have a very high level of academic achievement in specific subject areas outlined in the guide.

Popular courses such as Nursing require very strong English and Mathematics to succeed at University. SCU does not accept Certificate III in Aged Care as a basis for admission.

Principals may recommend students who are not yet ready for Bachelor level study to an SCU pathway course. The foundation course Preparing for Success runs during one university teaching session, is free from university fees and on successful completion, students can gain entry to a range of SCU courses, including Nursing or Education. During the course students learn skills in time management, practical essay writing, research, and numeracy, giving them the confidence to transition into a degree and pursue their academic studies successfully.

Two-year Associate degrees in Arts, Health, Business and Science are awards in their own right and upon successful completion, students can choose to cross-over into Bachelor degrees with appropriate credit.

Student registrations

The online student registration should take students no more than 5 or 10 minutes to complete. Students will need an email address that they will continue to use after they have left school. We are asking students to nominate a first and second preference course.

School recommendations

The school recommendation process is fully online allowing schools to monitor their students' applications and provide a recommendation in real time.

Prior to applications opening on 20 July, schools will be sent a link to the SCU STAR Early Entry site along with a user name and password. Once logged in you will be able to make recommendations for your students' applications up until the assessment closing date of 14 September.

Notification of SCU STAR Early Entry offers

Students applying for admission to SCU through SCU STAR Early Entry for study in 2017 are not required to put in a UAC or QTAC application. Successful Star applicants will receive their offer by email direct from Southern Cross University. Once students receive their offer they can go online and accept their offer and progress their enrolment.

SCU STAR Early Entry offers are valid for admission in 2017. Students are unable to defer these offers to commence study in a later year.

STAR key dates 2017

Student registration opens20 July 2016
School recommendations open 20 July 2016
Student registration closes7 September 2016
School recommendations close 14 September 2016
QLD students advised of outcome12 October 2016
NSW students advised of outcome9 November 2016

More information

Contact SCU Admissions

Sandra Crimmins
T: 02 6620 3016