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Entry requirements and pathways to Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University offers flexible entry options. We recognise there are a number of ways to assess a student's suitability for university study and provide a range of pathways to help students achieve their goals.

Pathways to SCU

ATAR/OP or equivalent

Typically Australian students gain entry to university based on their academic performance. In NSW high school students are given an ATAR which is a rank out of 100, in QLD students are awarded an OP, or over-all position, score. For people who left school some time ago or who have not completed Year 12 an ATAR equivalent select rank is calculated based on your post-secondary school achievements

A university entrance ranks allow universities to rank students in order of academic merit. The 'entry score' or 'cut-off' for a course is the lowest rank with which you can gain entry to a particular course. Cut-offs can vary from one year to the next depending on student demand.

Current school students

  • Exceptional Year 11 and 12 students may be eligible to enter the University via the SCU Head Start program that allows you to complete a unit of university study while completing your senior high school study.
  • Year 12 students living in the regions we serve may gain direct admission to SCU on the basis of your school Principal's recommendation with the STAR Entry Scheme.

Explore further information for high school students considering university.

Adult entry

If you don't have a recent Year 12 university entrance score there are a number of criteria on which your selection rank can be calculated:

Comprehensive information is available for non-school leavers.


  • If you do not yet meet the entry requirements for a place in a Southern Cross University undergraduate degree, or you feel you would like to develop your academic skills prior to enrolling in university, you may elect to undertake Preparing for Success, or an Associate degree offered through SCU College.
  • Some students opt to commence their post-secondary school study with TAFE or a private Registered Training Organisation. You may use this qualification, to articulate into the first or second year of a related SCU Degree, with maximum advanced standing (credit) through SCU Articulation Pathways.
  • Indigenous Australian's may wish to contact Indigenous Australian Student Services (IASS) to discuss SCU's Indigenous Testing and Assessment Program.
  • Elite Athletes may be eligible for bonus points to assist in gaining entry to your chosen degree with the Elite Athletes and Performers programs.
  • International students can find information about pathways to university from the SCU Pathways section.