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Video transcript: Online Learning with SCU College



I chose to study online so I could have the flexibility in my busy life to be able to manage studying my children my family my husband my life today's my day off and I also have my daughter with me and we've decided to come down to the lake here and she's swimming and I'm catching up on some reading.

Studying online it kind of packs up pretty easily into your life you can just set yourself up in your living room as long as your Internet connection is all ready and you are confident you are going to be able to use that to get all your work in and sort of find yourself a little corner get your books organized then pretty much most of your materials are going to be contained on your little computer so it doesn't have to take over your life. The tutorial's about to start but I can't login at home because I need to drive to work. I've discovered that I can login to the app on my mobile phone and a Bluetooth at class to my stereo and that way I can listen on the way to work obviously I can't participate or take notes but I can still keep up to date listening to what happened in session and what instructions for the next week are.

The great thing about the online environment is that you can access it at any time so catching up on work it's just a matter of looking at recordings in tutorial going back to your discussion board and it's all recorded there for you.

You don't have to look through messy notes that you may or may not have scribbled down during a lecture. It's fantastic to be a part of the live session ... you're constantly or will be getting feedback from your tutor ... other classmates, getting involved and forming relationships with your fellow external students is really great.

My first time speaking on the microphone in the blackboard session felt like I was on national radio I was so nervous so as the weeks progressed I realized that the best way was to prepare my questions and write them down before the blackboard session so I think that it happened during the week or even things that are happening in the that class at the time so when I was ready to speak, I could read my questions.
I found the experience really engaging I sort of remember Uni as feeling quite isolated the big lecture halls putting your hand up is sort of pretty scary sometimes but in the online environment you've got all of your resources right in front of you. Any questions you have, are pretty much answered straight away either on the tutorial or if you email the lecturer, they are always pretty prompt in getting back to you.

(It's) Pretty awesome that you can utilize the tools and the discussion board at any time and the activities that are posted on there by your tutor are worth doing as they are all good preparation for the assignments. When you use a discussion board you see each other asking questions and so you learn from each other in that way and also you get to know your fellow students very well and quite quickly and lots a very strong relationships are built that way and they support each other in a learning process.

I really enjoyed teaching externally mainly because there are many ways that I can develop a strong relationship with you as a student - there's all kinds of tools that we use such as online tutorials we call blackboard collaborate. I can see when you're doing well and I can equally see when you're not doing so well (and may) need me to reach out to you and it's very easy for me to reach out you so I can do that by email or instant messaging or a number of other ways or simply replying to your post on the discussion board and that way we can get to know .. .. what you need and what you need particularly from me.

I was a shy student when I enrolled in preparing for success but doing the course externally has given me more confidence to come in to the campus and do a course next year. I've got a really good, huge drive now to ... to want to succeed! It's surprising in a way how comfortable it made me feel and how interesting it is ..... how its sort of expanded my horizons pretty quickly and make ... letting me know that this is something that I can actually do to fit into my life.

I think you really enjoy studying externally & I think you'll get a lot from it.