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Completed Minor Works Projects

Z1.15 Osteo Lab

Tidy of laboratory included painting, plumbing, joinery work and installation of new floor coverings.

Cost: $10,000
Completion date: May 2014

Roof Access Systems Upgrade

Inspection of current state of roofing system at Lismore Campus and for purposes of access to work on roofs with installation of anchor points and ladder brackets.

Cost: $150,000
Completion date: September 2014

Review of Access Mobility Stage 2

Investigation current standard of access and mobility infrastructure from the principal point of entry to and within all normally used by occupants of all buildings at SCU Lismore Campus.

Cost: $40,000
Completion date: August 2013

Y Block Classroom Refurbishment

Renovation to office space with new carpet tiles, communication cabling, plumbing, painting, security access and fire detection equipment.

Cost: $160,000
Completion date: September 2013

R Block Tourism Refurbishment

Renovations of existing office space with new doors, windows and screens, painting, joinery, electrical fittings, communication and data points, phones, security equipment and fire detection equipment

Cost: $400,000
Completion date: December 2013

T Block Air Cool Chiller Installation

Supply and installation of air cooled Chilled Water air conditioning unit

Cost: $90,000
Completion date: June 2014

Shade Sail installation at R & Y blocks

Footpath with landscaping

Cost: $35,000
Completion date: March 2015

DDA Footpath Compliance

Footpath widening with landscaping

Cost: $90,000
Completion date: April 2016

Z block Demountable Refurbishment

Office space refurbishment

Cost: $22,000
Completion date: May 2016

B block level 3 amenities refurbishment

SCU College R block level 2 relocation

D block stage drape replacement

R block level 2 carpet and painting