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Grounds and Playing Fields

Q: How do I make a grounds request or report a grounds problem?
A: Online Work request: Archibus
Q: What are the typical grounds requests that are logged?
A: You can log requests for:

  • trees & shrubs to be pruned over paths
  • broken branches
  • slip & trip hazards on paths
  • litter removal
  • trees to be pruned back from roof gutters
Q: What types of grounds services are performed?
A: Facilities are responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and playing fields and other University properties. Services include:

  • Lawn, dams and garden maintenance (planting, pruning, mowing, weeding, edging, fertilising, irrigation, external pest control, tree maintenance, litter and debris clean up)
  • Designing and constructing small landscape for construction projects
  • Footpath and carpark maintenance
  • Cleaning roads, paths, pavements and surface drains

LC bridge

Q: What types of playing field services are performed?
A: Playing field maintenance include:

  • mowing
  • surface renovation
  • aeration
  • top dressing
  • spraying and fertilising
  • line marking
Q: How do I book the Oval field or Tennis courts?
  • Tennis courts and Oval field bookings are the responsibility of UniLife
  • If you need to check you can email or phone (02) 6620 3220 to see if the courts are vacant
  • The lights can be turned on by pushing a button at the toilet facility up from the courts toward W block
  • The button turns on the lights from 5 to 9.30pm but only for courts 1 and 2, and will only stay on for 1 hour