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Completed Capital Works Projects

Gold Coast Campus Building B

Building B is the second building to be constructed at Gold Coast Beachside campus. The building will be 10 storeys in height and designed to create an iconic landmark building which will become a gateway statement for the University. This building will include advanced technologies for students to learn, more flexible and individual learning through computerised virtual reality classes and the capacity to support a range of related professional activities such as practice development units, academic centres in practice, inter-professional learning centres and client-centred research units.

Funding: Southern Cross University
Cost: $50,000,000
Estimated Completion date: Jan 2013

Southern Cross Football Centre

The SCFC facility is located on Military Road (Crawford Land). This facility is to include the possibility of a club house with changing rooms and coaching space, two state of the art artificial pitches and one grass pitch with associated landscaping and lighting.

Funding: Government Grant ($2,500,000) and Southern Cross University ($500,000)
Cost: $3,000,000
Completion date: Mid-End 2012

NMSC Tank Farm Facility

This project was to expand the aquaculture tank farm, install a brood stock facility and enhance the laboratories and teaching areas. The federally funded project enabled increased utilisation of the NMSC's high-quality sea water system, which draws water from the nearby ocean for reticulation throughout the building.

Funding: Federal Government
Cost: $2,000,000Completion date: 30 March 2012

M Block Extensions CHEC

Construction of new block M3 located on the eastern end of M Block. It compromises of a lower ground floor, ground floor and first floor. This building is occupied by various faculties and departments and comprises of research labs, offices and IT labs.

Funding: Government Grant
Cost: $3,687,502
Completion date: 30 March 2012

H Blk extensions CHEC

Construction of single storey extension on the southern end of H Block for an Anatomy lab and ancillary room.

Funding: Government Grant
Cost: $969,686
Completion date: 19 Jan 2012

A Block refurbishments CHEC

Refurbishment to north western end of A2 Block to provide a multi-purpose room, teaching drop-in spaces and ancillary rooms.

Funding: Southern Cross University Minor Works
Cost: $292,812
Completion date: 19 Jan 2012

Gold Coast Campus Car Park

Construction of a new 280 space Car Park to commence in September, 2014 on the site across the road from the Building A Car Park.

Project Cost: $1,800,000
Completion date: February 2015

Lismore Learning Centre and Engineering Precinct

Learning Centre

The Engineering Building refurbishment (Phase 1) was completed in December 2013 and comprised of refurbishing level 1 of Building A. This new facility incorporates world class cross discipline research and teaching laboratories containing state of the art equipment allowing materials conditioning and testing, concrete and structures testing and fluids/hydraulics testing to support SCU's new Engineering programs.

Stage 2 comprises a new 3 floor Learning Centre with spaces reflecting the needs of new generations of learners in the heart of the Lismore Campus. The building interiors will strive to bring balance to the role of active, social, reflective and personal learning environments through the use of colour, light, furniture and technology.

Completion date: March 2015

Lismore Campus Engineering Building A Level 2 Refurbishment

Building A level 2 will be refurbished to provide additional capacity and facilitates for Engineering.

Completion date: June 2015 (Engineering)

Lismore Campus Building A Level Enterprise Hub Refurbishment

Building A level 3 is being refurbished to provide additional space for SCU Engagement