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Archibus Work Requests

Archibus Work Requests

Requesting an Archibus username

Please contact your Administrative personnel in your area who has already been trained in Archibus. They will decide if you need access to Archibus or if all maintenance jobs will be requested by them.

If it has been decided that you will use the maintenance job request system (Archibus) you need to apply for a username.

Please send an email to requesting an Archibus username and advise us of your current AD login username so that we can set your Archibus username the same.

Please DO NOT provide us with your AD login password. This is not required. We will advise you of your initial Archibus login password which you can change once you log in.

Archibus Training

To nominate yourself or another person for training please email Your request will be recorded and you will be advised of training dates and times once set.

User manual

PDF Download Archibus Maintenance Job Request User Manual V20.2 (staff only)

Following up on Archibus jobs

Please email to follow up on a job that has already been logged. Alternately phone 73222 and one of our staff can follow up for you.