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Bringing Science to Splendour

9:00am, 21 July 2017 to 5:00pm, 23 July 2017

Bringing Science to Splendour in the Grass July 21-23

Music, comedy and art are a big part of the festival experience ... so why not science? The first ever Science Tent at Splendour in the Grass! Featuring some of the Southern Cross University's best researchers!

Splendour has teamed up with Future Crunch, Inspiring Australia and some of Australia's best communicators - including our own Southern Cross University world-renowned researchers - to create the ultimate detour into the far reaches of the imagination > The Science Tent.

Presentations, musical performances and interactive experiences that breakdown solar energy, the origins of musical instruments, biology, the environment, zombies and more.

Our 9 presenters:

* Coral Sex and Whale Citizen Science - Prof Peter Harrison * The Science Traveller - Prof Isaac Santos * Breaking Bad Art + Science - Dr Grayson Cooke and Dr Amanda Reichelt-Brushett * If a Frog Calls in the Forest Can You Hear It? - Dr David Newell * Medicines from Molluscs - Assoc Prof Kirsten Benkendorff * Plastics are Good for the Environment - Dr Lachlan Yee * Sharks in my swimming pool - Assoc Prof Danny Bucher * Unmanned aerial vehicles and coastal research -Dr Debra Stokes * Music, sustainable power systems, data sonification - Dr Barry Hill

And WHARVES, Southern Cross music alumni, kick-off Splendour at the Amphitheatre stage at midday on Friday July 21!!

Science Tent at Splendour in the Grass website