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Cultural Diversity & Social Inclusion Training & Development

Cultural Diversity Staff trainingThere are a number of Cultural Diversity & Social Inclusion training and development options available to staff.

Through the SCU Diversity Calendar staff have opportunities throughout the year to broaden their cultural understandings and competence by attending Indigenous Australian, Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion events held at each of the University's three campuses.

EO Online

Staff members, as a requirement of their contract of employment, must complete EO Online. All new staff members should prioritise completing this online training as soon as possible after commencement of their employment.

EO Online is an interactive online equal opportunity workshop which aims to provide staff with a better understanding of equal opportunity and its application at the University. The program promotes awareness of discrimination and harassment issues and provides and understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities of staff.

EO Online EO Online is presented in two modules. All staff members are required to complete Module 1. Staff who have managerial or supervisory responsibilities are required to complete Modules 1 and 2. Each module takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

Cultural Competency

There is a range of online resources relating to Cultural Competency available to staff through the University's Professional Learning Centre. Ochre Online is a self-paced, interactive workshop that provides staff with an opportunity to increase their Indigenous cultural awareness and competency.

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit provides guidance and resources to promote culturally inclusive, respectful relationships and interactions with other staff and students.

Courageous Conversations About Race

Courageous Conversations About Race is an interactive one day workshop which examines race, racism, 'whiteness' and 'privilege' and how these concepts contribute to race-based inequities and power relationships. This workshop enriches participants' cultural competency to work with staff and students from diverse backgrounds.

The workshop uses a combination of real life narratives and stories and values-based activities to allow for a deep, active and sustained engagement with issues of cultural diversity, racism and community harmony. It requires participants to reflect on their own consciousness of race, its impact on their lives and the complexities of race in society.

The key conceptual elements that make this workshop unique are:

  • facilitating an honest conversation about race in contemporary Australia, as a community and within the higher education context,
  • understanding that 'whiteness' and 'privilege' contribute directly to race-based inequity, and
  • using the insights gained from the above to drive societal, personal and cultural change.

Staff may apply to participate in these workshops via the Professional Learning Calendar. For further information, please contact Rachel Callahan, Head, Equity & Diversity or contact Senior Equity and Diversity Officer, Rob Cumings.

Understanding Gender & Sexuality Diversity

The Equity & Diversity Office offers a two hour workshop to inform staff about people of diverse sexualities and genders and issues they face. This interactive workshop aims to create understandings, develop awareness and, as a consequence, promote a more inclusive environment at the University.

For further information, please contact Rob Cumings, Senior Equity and Diversity Officer.

Updated: 02 June 2015