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An Inclusive University

Diversity Celebrations at Gold Coast campusSouthern Cross University is committed to being an inclusive and culturally safe work and study environment that values, supports and benefits from the diversity of its communities.

The Equity & Diversity Office provides diversity and social inclusion leadership by;

  • consulting with the University community to progress and promote cultural safety and social inclusion amongst staff and students,
  • developing a suite of programs, activities, events, resources and materials to support diversity and social inclusion, and
  • facilitating the delivery of Courageous Conversations About Race workshops and related Cultural Competency initiatives.

Diversity & Social Inclusion

The University acknowledges and values the diversity of our staff and students. Throughout the year, in a variety of ways, the University and wider communities join together to celebrate our diversity and to learn more about each other. This includes observance of significant national Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander events, and events relating to cultural and linguistic diversity and social inclusion.

See the University's annual Diversity Calendar for details of what's coming up - we encourage you to take time out to attend. Most of these events are free of charge and are open to the public.

The University also acknowledges, via the International Diversity Calendar, events of significance to a broad range of cultures and peoples.

Principles for a Culturally Diverse Society

Southern Cross University has adopted, from the Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW (CRC), the following principles of multiculturalism;

Principle 1

All individuals in NSW should have the greatest possible opportunity to contribute to, and participate in, all levels of public life in which they may legally participate.

Principle 2

All individuals and institutions should respect and make provision for the culture, language and religion of others within an Australian legal and institutional framework where English is the common language.

Principle 3

All individuals should have the greatest possible opportunity to make use of and participate in relevant activities and programs provided or administered by the Government of New South Wales.

Principle 4

All institutions of New South Wales should recognise the linguistic and cultural assets in the population of New South Wales as a valuable resource and promote this resource to maximise the development of the State.

Racism It Stops With Me

Racism It Stops With Me

Southern Cross University proudly supports the Human Rights Commission Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. As a supporter organisation we commit to undertake activities to challenge racist attitudes and to educate about racism and its detrimental effects to all of society.

We provide opportunities for students, staff and the community to acknowledge, learn from and celebrate our diverse communities and to further intercultural understanding and communal harmony through cultural exchange and social connection.

Southern Cross University seeks, as part of our stated values, to advance human rights and provide opportunities for students and staff in an inclusive, culturally safe environment. The University includes as a key student graduate attribute an ability to engage with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives in both global and local settings.

Research from 2011 shows that one in seven Australians say they have experienced discrimination because of their colour or background. This figure has been increasing steadily over recent years.

By supporting this campaign, the University demonstrates a commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion and countering racism.

For more information about the campaign go to: or contact the Equity and Diversity Office on 66269208 or

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