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Engineering involves the planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities and machinery such as roads, bridges, dams, robotics, water supply and energy technology. More about engineering

Environmental science

Protecting the environment for future generations requires us to maintain the integrity of ecosystems and to restore and sustainably manage our natural resources. Studies in environmental science encompass scientific knowledge, practical skills and sound management principles in land, water, and flora and fauna conservation. More about environmental science

Forest science

Forest management is a science concerned with the nature of forest ecosystems and how they can best be managed, not only for timber but for biodiversity conservation, protection of catchments, storage of carbon and other essential functions. More about forest science

Marine science

Challenges facing the earth's marine ecosystems are vast and complex. Impacts from global warming, pollution, waste, commercial exploitation and expanding populations signify the need to continue to understand, manage, repair and protect our oceans, rivers, waterways and the species that inhabit them. More about marine science