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Research student supervision

Southern Cross University offers the opportunity for you to pursue research in education through a Master of Teaching and a Master of Education.

Staff from the School of Education are able to supervise postgraduate research candidates in a broad range of areas. The following is a list of the key areas of research expertise in the School.

For more information about postgraduate research studies visit the Graduate School and contact the supervisors below who are relevant to your areas of interest to discuss their availability.

Academic staff eligible as principal and co-supervisors

Academic staff and research entityKey areas of Research ExpertiseResearch supervision level
Dr Raoul Adam
  • Humanities education, curriculum and padeagogy (Secondary)
  • Psychosocial development
  • Epistemological development
  • Worldviews, wicked problems and complex social issues
  • Values, ideology and paradigms
  • Critical thinking and design thinking
  • Religious and secular fundamentalisms and radicalisations
  • Online pedagogy and blended learning
Principal or Co-supervisor
Dr Anne Bellert
  • Learning difficulties, special education
  • Inclusion
  • Reading and mathematics intervention research
  • Effective teaching for literacy and numeracy
Dr Wendy Boyd
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Teachers' work in ECEC
  • ECEC in Vietnam
  • Sustainability, Arts education, Health & wellbeing of children and Mathematics education in ECEC
Principal or Co-supervisor
Tess Boyle
Centre for Children & Young People, ECECRG
  • Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Transitions to school
  • Transitional Pedagogy
  • Critical Practice Theory
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Leanne Cameron
  • Technology education, curriculum and pedagogy (Secondary and Primary)
  • Digital Technologies
  • Learning Design
  • Computational Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Online pedagogy
  • Flipped Learning
  • Social Media in Education
  • Professional Experience
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Associate Professor Marilyn Chaseling
  • Music education
  • Music education history
  • NSW education history
  • Historical methodologies
  • Teamwork
Peter Cook
  • Arts Education
  • Dance Education
  • Arts Based Educational Research
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Lexi Cutcher
CreArE, SEE Research Cluster
  • Visual Arts education
  • Arts education
  • Visual Arts education
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Arts pedagogies across the curriculum
  • Arts based research
  • Arts informed inquiry
  • Classroom management
  • Arts education for at risk youth
  • Arts pedagogies across the curriculum
Principal or Co-supervisor
Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
SEE Research Cluster, CreArE, ECECRG
  • Environmental Education
  • Sustainability
  • ChildhoodNature
  • Climate Change Education
  • Social Ecology and Posthumanism
  • Play and Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education Care
  • Children's Ontologies
  • Child-Framed Research Methodologies
Principal or Co-supervisor
Dr David Ellis
STEM research cluster
  • STEM education with a focus on Technology and Engineering
  • Design principles and practices with a focus on eco-design and sustainability
  • Technology and design education
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher professional learning
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Associate Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira
SEE Research Cluster
  • Environmental Education
  • Sustainability
  • Systems Thinking
  • Poststructuralism
  • Postcolonialism
Principal or Co-supervisor
Alan Foster
STEM research cluster
  • Maths Education
  • STEM
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Roslyn Franklin
  • Physical education
  • Health education
  • Assessment in PDHPE using technology
  • Women in sport and equity issues
Professor Anne Graham
  • Social and emotional wellbeing of children
  • Children's participation in education
  • Human rights of children
  • Child-centred research methodologies
  • Teacher learning
Principal or Co-supervisor
Professor Martin Hayden
  • Higher education governance
  • Higher education finance
  • Higher education quality assurance
  • Doctoral supervision
  • Higher education in Asia
Principal or Co-Supervisor
Dr Sue Hudson
  • School-university Partnerships
  • Community Engagement
  • Professional Experience
Dr Brendon Hyndman
  • Physical Education pedagogy and curriculum
  • Health Education pedagogy and curriculum
  • Social media use in education
  • Technological strategies in education
  • Social-ecological model approaches
  • Physical activity strategies in schools
  • Physical activity measurement in schools
  • Teacher education
  • Survey development
  • Mixed methods approaches
Dr Lisa Jacka
  • Innovation in education
  • Digital technologies
  • Virtual worlds
  • New pedagogies
  • Action research
  • Innovative thinking about future classrooms and new models for teaching and learning
  • Teacher and student perspectives
  • Teacher professional learning
HDR Co-supervisor, Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Jenny Johnston
  • Teacher identity
  • Teacher advocacy
  • Teacher work
  • Leadership
  • Educational Change and change implementation and management
  • Literacy education
Principal or Co-supervisor
Cathy Lembke
  • Secondary Education
  • Professional Experience
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Marianne Logan
SEE Research Cluster
  • Science Education
  • Environmental Education and Sustainability
  • School-University-Community Partnerships
  • Science Attitudes, Interest, Engagement and Motivation
  • Sustainability in science education
Professor David Lynch
  • Teacher capability
  • Teacher education
Principal or Co-Supervisor
Dr Christos Markopoulos
  • Mathematics education
  • Primary education
  • Geometry education
  • ICT in Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Curriculum development
Dr Mary Ann Powell
  • Ethics in research with children and young people
  • Rural childhood
  • Student wellbeing
  • Childhood studies
Dr Sally Robinson
  • Critical disability studies
  • Participatory and inclusive research approaches
  • Children and young people with disability
  • Rights, identity and belonging for people with disability
  • Abuse & neglect and personal safety
  • Children and young people with disability
Dr Bradley Shipway
SEE Research Cluster
  • Critical realist philosophy
  • Emancipatory education
  • Realist post-structural research approaches
Principal or Co-supervisor
Dr Catharine Simmons
  • Participatory research with children and young people
  • Childhood studies
  • Children and young people's participation in education
  • Cultural change in primary and secondary education
  • Childhood cultures
  • Imaginative play in school
Dr Keith Skamp (Adjunct Professor)
SEE Research Cluster
  • Science Education
  • Environmental/Sustainability Education
Dr Jubilee Smith
  • Primary English and Literacy education
  • Digital technology - Early childhood-primary
Honours and Masters Coursework Project Supervision
Dr Robert Smith
  • Historical/comparative (and language-based) methodologies
  • Folklore and schools
  • Literacy across the curriculum, children's literature, local/regional history
Principal or Co-supervisor
Dr Angela Turner
SEE Research Cluster, TERG
  • Design and Technology
  • Food sustainability
  • Nutritional science, health
  • Textiles, society, environment
  • Technology and design education
  • Graphics and art based education
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Empirical research-Quantitative & qualitative mixed methods approach

Associate Professor Judith Wilks (Adjunct)
SEE Research Cluster, CreArE

  • Civics and citizenship education
  • Equity in education
  • Child Friendly Cities
External Supervisor
Associate Professor Geoff Woolcott
  • Connectivity in educational theory and practice
  • STEM education with a focus on mathematics, science and spatial reasoning
  • Gifted education
  • Complex networks
  • Studies of collaboration, impact and innovation
  • Client-centred integrated services and human developmental ecology
Principal or Co-supervisor
Associate Professor Bob Wright (Adjunct Professor)
  • Early number learning, assessment and intervention
Dr Tony Yeigh
  • Quantitative & mixed methods approaches
  • Cognitive pedagogies
  • Classroom & behaviour management
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Social-Emotional Wellbeing
  • Teacher education

Research entity abbreviations:

CCYP - Centre for Children and Young People

SEE Research Cluster - Sustainability, Environment and Education Research Cluster

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Research Group

TERG - Teacher Education Research Group

CreArE - Creativity, Arts and Education Research Group

ECECRG - Early Childhood Education and Care Research Group

LSRG - Learning Sciences Research Group