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Early Childhood Education and Care Research Group (ECECRG)

The Early Childhood Education and Care ECEC Research Group, led by Dr Wendy Boyd, is a distinctive research collective looking at contemporary issues in ECEC. The group strives to promote, collaborate, advocate, celebrate and contribute to research in ECEC both nationally and internationally. The ECEC Research Group works closely with, and has strong synergies to the work of SCU's Centre for Children and Young People (CCYP) and the Sustainability, Environment & Education (SEE) Research Cluster. The group endeavours to increase the status of ECEC in Australia and engage with the community to advance ECEC regionally, nationally and internationally.

Research priorities:

1. Provision of quality early childhood education and care

  • teachers' and educators' work
  • social justice and equity
  • early childhood environmental education
  • the arts
  • in Australia and beyond

2. Transitions

  • from early childhood settings to primary school
  • from home to early childhood settings
  • within and between ECEC settings

3. Childhood studies

4. Children's learning, development, health and wellbeing across a range of settings.

Our team

Associate members

Higher degree researchers

Tess BoylePhDTransition to school: Continuity of pedagogy

Professor Susan Grieshaber, Dr Anne Petriwskyj

Jubilee SmithPhDThe influence of early childhood educator's attitudes and beliefs on practice and integration of Information Communication Teachnology (ICT). Dr Wendy Boyd,
Professor Bill Boyd
Mrs DeepikaPhDSocial-emotional development effects of early childhood developmentDr Wendy Boyd,
Dr Suzanne Hudson
Tarandeep DhonsiPhDAn in-depth examination of the term "school readiness" as a feasible concept and its dependence on other variablesDr Wendy Boyd,
Dr Suzanne Hudson

News and recent grant success

  • School of Education Small Grants 2015: Dr Wendy Boyd and Dr Karen Hawkins Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers' Career Intentions.
  • Project in progress with the Gold Coast Libraries- a report on 'How are the Gold Coast kids faring?'.

Recent presentations

Alicia Olsen presented for the group during Research Week on: Exceeding the National Quality Standard in Long Day Care settings: A behind the scenes study of the hidden work of educators in high quality services

Recent publications

The Cool Cubby Report by Wendy Boyd

Ailwood, J., Boyd, W., & Theobald, M. (eds.) (2016). Understanding early childhood education and care in Australia, Sydney: Allen & Unwin.

Boyd, W. (2016). Playing cool: the sustainable Cool Cubby. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 41(3), 29-37

Boyd, W. (2015). The tensions between food choices, and sustainable practices in early childhood centres. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 40(4), 58-65

Boyd, W., & Cutcher, L. (2015). Learning from early childhood philosophy, theory and pedagogy: Inspiring effective art education. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 40(1), 91-99.

Boyd, W. (2014). Parents' choices of child care in Australia. NZ Research in Early Childhood Education Journal, 17, 51-69.

Dang, P. T. & Boyd, W. (2014). Renovating early childhood education pedagogy: A case study in Vietnam. International Journal of Early Years Education.

Miller, M, Davis, J., Boyd, W., & Danby, S. (2014) Learning about and taking action for the environment: Experiences of children and teachers who participated in a preschool water education program. Children, Youth and Environments, 24(3), 43-57. DOI: 10.7721/chilyoutenvi.24.3.0043

Cutter-Mackenzie, A., Edwards, S., Moore, D., & Boyd, W. (2014). Young children's play and environmental education in early childhood education. The Netherlands: Springer.

Connecting with ECECRG

If you're interested in working with the ECEC Research Group or require further information please contact Dr Wendy Boyd.