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Recent SEE publications

Australian Journal of Environmental Education

SEE research leader, Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie is the editor of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education.

Australian Journal of Environmental Education

Powell, D & Gard, M, 'The governmentality of childhood obesity: Coca-Cola, public health and primary schools', Discourse: studies in the cultural politics of education.

The Scoioecological Educator
Edited by Wattchow, Jeanes, Alfrey, Brown, Cutter-Mackenzie and O'Connor.

The Best of Sustainability; Research, Practice & Theory
Edited by Elliott, Davis, Edwards and Cutter-Mackenzie.

Young Children's Play and Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education
Written by Cutter-Mackenzie, Edwards, Moore & Boyd.

Skamp, KR, Boyes, E & Stanisstreet, M 2013, 'Beliefs and willingness to act about global warming: where to focus science pedagogy?', Science Education, vol. 97, no. 2, pp. 191-217.

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Wilson, E & von der Heidt, T 2013, 'Business as usual? barriers to education for sustainability in the tourism curriculum', Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 130-147.

Cutter-Mackenzie, AN & Logan, MR 2013, 'Making links between science and the learner's world', in A Fitzgerald (ed.), Learning and teaching primary science, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Vic. ISBN: 9781107609457.