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Sustainability, Environment and Education (SEE) Research Cluster

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About us

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Dr Judith Wilks is a member of a strong and successful national collaboration that has received significant grant funding. Judith's current research interests include: transitions to higher education for young people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds; active civics and citizenship education; child friendly cities; and participatory methodologies for young people.

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The School of Education 'Sustainability, Environment and Education' (SEE) Research Cluster, led by Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, was established in 2012. The Cluster is making substantial progress in research across and within the areas of sustainability, environment and education. SEE is comprised of Southern Cross University staff and academics, external academics and higher degree research students. The Cluster is engaged in research, policy and practice in the broader fields of environmental education, sustainability education and interdisciplinary fields (including health, geography, science and technology, art and indigenous education). Members of the Cluster have won ARC funding, Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching grants and other government and non-government research income; published in high-impact and field-significant publications; and elected editorial roles in internationally significant ERA journals in sustainability, environment and education.

The explicit research priorities or themes of SEE are:

  1. Environmental and sustainability education policy, curriculum and practice from early childhood through to higher education
  2. Climate change education, risk and research
  3. Societal transformation via socio-ecological transdisciplinary approaches
  4. Art, place, cultural and indigenous responses to sustainability
  5. Health & wellbeing.

Our team

SEE Research Leader
Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

Dr Sue Elliott, University of New England
Dr Julie Davis, QUT
Dr Peta White, Deakin University
Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, University of Bath
Professor Robert Barratt, University of Gloucestershire
Professor David Sobel, Antioch University New England
Professor Margaret Somerville, Western Sydney University
Professor Susan Edwards, Australian Catholic University
Associate Professor Sandra Wooltornton, University of Notre Dame
Associate Professor Michael Gard, University of Queensland
Professor Karen Malone, Western Sydney University
Dr Helen Widdop Quinton, Victoria University
Associate Professor Judith McNeil, University of New England


The Climate Change Challenge is a unique opportunity for children and young people to participate in a child-centred learning fair with many activities lef by children and young people.

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Current research projects

CC + ME is a project that empowers children and young people in Northern NSW to engage in climate change research and action. We want to learn about and develop the awareness, attitudes and actions of children and young people towards climate change. Visit the CC + ME website to find out more.

CubeWalk is a network of interactive public artworks which have been installed across the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University. CubeWalk draws on the natural and cultural dimensions of the campus to create spaces for engaging with sustainability as a dynamic process of social and ecological change.

NatureCollective - is 'nature' diminshing in childhood? Research increasingly shows a serious decline in human interactions and experience in nature. There is speculation that the impact of not experiencing nature is severe and has been referred to as 'nature-deficit' disorder. This study aims to understand the extent of this phenomenon from the perspective of children and young people across different cultural contexts.

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