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Environmental Analysis Laboratory

Waters and other liquids

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T: (02) 6620 3678
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EAL offers a wide range of comprehensive testing at competitive prices (pdf) for home, recreational, civil commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Liquid testing includes analysis of standard water, wastewater, extracts and effluent samples. Standard waters include: drinking, bore, dam, spring, creek, ground subterranean and tank water for physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters.

EAL also routinely conducts environmental monitoring of waters for physicochemical parameters, metals, contamination, nutrients, salts, bacteria and algal biomass.

Adhering to standard sample collection (pdf) and preservation procedures (pdf) ensures the highest level of accuracy. These procedures and others are listed in the download section. Water analysis guidelines for drinking, domestic use, irrigation and livestock (pdf) are also provided.

Alternatively, EAL can provide qualified staff to undertake on-site sampling. Please contact EAL for more information.