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Unit Terminology Guide

Using the Schedule of Units

Instructions on how to use the Schedule of Units are included at the above web address.

Abbreviations used in the Schedule of Units are detailed in the opening pages of the Schedule, as are the School Codes and the abbreviations used for Pre-requisites, Co-requisites and Anti-requisites.

The Schedule of Units changes as enrolments are modified, so for instance if a unit did not attract sufficient enrolments, and the availability was removed from the Schedule of Units for that study period then that unit would not be included in the report.

Any enrolment restrictions are also noted.

At the start of the Unit Descriptions a small diagram has been included to familiarize students with the Schedule of Units.

If you require assistance to use the Schedule of Units please call Student Services Directorate 02 6620 3444. Staff can then assist with your enquiry.

Unit Number and Name

An individual code has been allocated to each unit or subject. This code is the key element for use in all academic documentation and records.


This indicates units which must be completed or requirements which must be satisfied before a candidate may enrol in the unit named.

The Head of the School or Director of the College offering the unit may waive a pre requisite where it can be satisfactorily demonstrated a candidate has a background of study sufficient to undertake the unit successfully. Any candidate who considers sufficient grounds can be presented for a waiver of pre-requisite should present the case to the Head of School/Director of College concerned or nominee.


Co-requisites must be completed in conjunction with or prior to the unit named. Any candidate who feels sufficient grounds can be presented for a waiver of a co requisite should present the case to the Head of School/Director of College concerned or nominee.


Means a specified unit that is deemed to have content that is too much in common with another unit, thereby prohibiting enrolment in the other unit either concurrently with the specified unit, or where the specified unit has been successfully completed.

Annual Course Load

Most units offered by Southern Cross University are of equal value, a full-time study load for one year being eight (8) units. However, some variations to this policy exist in terms of full-year units, units taught in courses offered on a trimester basis, and some units in the Bachelor of Laws.

Students requiring the exact weighting for any unit should contact their School Office or the Student Services Directorate for advice.

Updated: 02 April 2013