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School of Business and Tourism

Flexible study options

At the School of Business and Tourism you can choose how you want to study. Most of our courses are offered on-campus and all are available to study online.

Online study

The online study option is perfect for wherever you live provided you can access the internet. You don't need to come on campus or relocate to study at SCU. You can do it in the comfort of your home, while you're travelling, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Our external study options use online technologies that are highly interactive and promote collaboration and a sense of community. Like an on-campus student, you will have access to your lecturers and tutors and to the wide range of resources on offer by theSCU library.

On campus

For students who want face-to-face teaching and access to contemporary facilities, most of our courses are offered at one or more of theUniversity's campuses: Gold Coast, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, andSCU Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for international students. The Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management and postgraduate courses in tourism and hotel management are available at The Hotel School Sydney and The Hotel School Melbourne. Some courses are also offered outside of Australia throughinternational education collaborations.

Multiple sessions each year

Whether you study an undergraduate or postgraduate course, we give you the opportunity to manage your study to suit your personal or professional commitments. With courses offered across multiple study sessions each year, you can choose when you want to study - either spreading your load, or increasing it to finish your degree earlier.

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