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MyHR is the employee self-service module of Aurion, the University's Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

When Aurion access is established for a new employee, MyHR logon details are emailed to the employee. After receiving these login details, employees can access their HR and Payroll information over the Internet using links to MyHR on the intranet (MySCU) or the HR website.

MyHR enables all employees to:

  • Complete and submit timekeeper attendance records (pay claims);
  • View and modify their name and address information and emergency contact details;
  • View and print their fortnightly payslips;
  • Manage their bank accounts and deductions;
  • View their qualifications and employment details; and
  • Apply to attend professional learning programs.

Full-time and part-time employees are also able to:

  • Apply for some types of leave, including annual and personal leave;
  • View their leave balances and takings and predict future leave balances; and
  • Complete and submit timekeeper attendance records (professional employees only)

Supervisors are able to:

  • Approve leave, timekeeper attendance records and professional learning program applications for employees;
  • Build staff schedules; and
  • Access some information on employees reporting to them.

Central Role Approvers are able to approve casual pay claims.

MyHR online help

Step by step instructions and videos on using MyHR are available from MyHR Online Help.

If these resources do not answer your query, further assistance is available by contacting HR Services.

MyHR privacy notice

You are able to update your personal information in MyHR to maintain your University staff profile and ensure your personal information is current.

When storing your information electronically. SCU may disclose personal information to overseas recipients by virtue of its cloud computing arrangements. SCU's 'cloud' servers are located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Ireland and SCU is reasonably satisfied that these countries have similar privacy protections to those afforded under Australian law. SCU will not disclose personal information to anybody else unless required to do so by law - for example if the information is needed in an emergency or for law enforcement purposes.

Providing us with the requested information is not required by law. However, it is required to ensure your staff profile and personal details are correct.

Access to personal information may be requested at any time (to access or update personal information, or for more information on the privacy obligations, speak to our Privacy Contact Officer or email A copy of the University's Privacy Management Plan is available from the SCU Policy Library.