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SCU Enterprise Agreement 2016

Part 1 - Application and Operation of Agreement

1 Title
2 Arrangement
3-5 Application of agreement
6 Operation of agreement
7-9 Relationship with existing awards and agreements
10 Definitions
11-12 Availability of agreement
13-14 No further claims and subsequent agreements

Part 2 - Purpose of Agreement

15-18 Purpose of agreement

Part 3 - Employment

19-20 Contract of employment
21Full-time employment
22Part-time employment
23Casual employment
24-26Fixed-term employment
27 Requirement to state terms of engagement
28-62 Fixed-term appointments

Part 4 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

63-69Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

Part 5 - Salaries and Related Matters

73-77Incremental progression
78-80Salary packaging arrangements
81-86 Superannuation
87-88 First aid allowance
89 Travel for work

Part 6 - Leave

91-115Personal/Carer's leave
116-142 Long service leave
143-176 Parental leave
177-178Military leave
179-183 Special leave
184Compassionate leave
185-190 Community service leave
191-192 Employees as witnesses
193-214Annual leave
215-221Leave loading
222-224 Public holidays

Part 7 - Management for Performance

236-242Performance management, development and review
243-264Managing unsatisfactory performance

Part 8 - Consultation and Managing Change

265-271Joint Consultative Forum
272-273Significant workplace change
274-278Redundancy of one position
279-287Significant change within an individual work unit
288-293University-wide significant workplace change

Part 9 - Labour Flexibility and Redundancy

294-296Labour flexibility

Part 10 - Disciplinary Procedures

318-351Misconduct/serious misconduct

Part 11 - Academic Staff Specific Matters

352Position classification standards
353-377Casual academic rates and definitions
378-394Academic duties

Part 12 - Professional Staff Specific Matters

412-417Professional staff workloads
418-425Professional staff career development
426-441Casual professional staff
442Shift penalties and allowances
458-459Public holidays
460Allowance absorption
461-519Hours of work

Part 13 - Termination of Employment

520-521Termination of employment
522-529Notice periods
530-533Abandonment of employment
534-544Ill health termination

Part 14 - Dispute Resolution Procedures and Grievances

545-554Dispute resolution procedures

Part 15 - Workplace Health and Safety

560-566Workplace Health and Safety
567-568University related travel

Part 16 - Miscellaneous

569-570Domestic violence
571-576Intellectual freedom
577-579Environmental sustainability
580-585Union resources

Part 17 - Flexibility

586-591Individual Flexibility Arrangements
Schedule 1Academic salaries
Schedule 2Professional staff salaries
Schedule 3Casual academic rates of pay
Appendix AMinimum Standards for Academic Staff
Appendix BProfessional Staff Classification Descriptors