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Performance management, development and review (PMDR)

What is PMDR?

PMDR refers to the annual formal process of reviewing and documenting employee performance. PMDR is an on-going process where employees and supervisors can work together to:

  • Identify and describe work expectations;
  • Develop goals and plans to guide the work of the employee;
  • Discuss learning and development needs;
  • Recognise achievements; and
  • Plan for future individual and organisational growth and development.

All academic and professional employees with an employment contract in excess of 12 months duration participate in the PMDR process with their supervisor. PMDRs are held at least annually. The timing of the process is integrated with the Work Unit's annual planning cycle so that operational plans inform PMDR discussions and decisions. PMDRs should be completed by the end of each year.

Individual professional learning needs identified through PMDR are collated in each work unit and a summary of the work unit's professional learning needs are sent to HR Services.

How does the PMDR process work?

The process consists of informal discussions and formal planning and review meetings between each employee and their supervisor. The main features of the process are:

  • The employee and their supervisor hold initial planning discussions;
  • The supervisor and employee meet informally throughout the review period to determine progress and whether any changes are required; and
  • At the end of the review period a performance management, development and review interview is held between the supervisor and employee to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

PMDR plans are completed to keep records on what is agreed between the parties, including professional learning needs.

NOTE: The PMDR process does not take the place of informal discussions between supervisors and employees that are necessary to carry out the day to day work activities of the Work Unit.

Is there a set format for the PMDR process?

It is intended that the format remains flexible to enable each Work Unit to meet its own requirements. The following templates are provided as a sample of the plans required:

PMDR discussions may cover any aspects of work considered relevant. For example, any or all of the following areas of a person's work may be covered in the discussion:

  • Achievements;
  • Obstacles to achievements;
  • Work relationships;
  • Work expectations;
  • Performance requirements;
  • Work environment;
  • Priorities, objectives and work plans for the next 12 months;
  • Professional learning needs;
  • Career progression; and
  • Feedback on the supervisor's performance.

What help is available for supervisors?

Workshops on the PMDR process are available for supervisors and are published in the Professional learning calendar. Access to the Calendar is available via MyHR. A number of resources for supervisors have also been developed to help maximise the effectiveness of the PMDR process.

Your contact HR representative is available to provide assistance and guidance with the PMDR process.

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