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SCU is committed to working with employees to develop skills and expertise: to maximise their contribution to the University; achieve job satisfaction; develop their capability; and reach their career potential. We value continuous learning for all employees.

To meet these objectives, the Organisation Development Strategy is based on the following principles:

  • People are responsible for and capable of directing their own learning. The 70-20-10 model accredited to Lombardo & Eichinger (1996) states:
  • 70 20 10 model

    • 70% of real learning comes from life and on the job experiences, often involving problem solving;
    • 20% from observation, modelling others behaviours and style; and
    • 10% from formal training programs.
  • Supervisors, managers and leaders play a critical role in and are responsible for setting direction, ensuring people are able to give their best to achieve organisational and individual goals and to provide guidance and appropriate opportunities for career development of their staff.
  • All SCU employees should have access to learning opportunity regardless of the campus in which they are located;
  • People independently access online learning and other learning opportunities in the flow of work and on a needs basis to find solutions and improve their performance; and
  • Social learning is a powerful learning medium in the workplace if used well and in the context of a learning framework.

Organisation Development supports these principles by providing access to a range of learning opportunities provided in the context of a SCU wide professional learning framework.

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Organisation Development
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