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MyHR and contract FAQs for casuals

Q: Have you received my casual contact and has it been processed?
A: HR Services process casual contracts on a daily basis. If all paperwork has been received your access to MyHR and your timekeepers will be available within 24 hours.

Q: I am a new employee. How do I get my log in details for MyHR?
A: Before your login details can be provided, you are required to provide the following documents to your work unit administration officer:

  • passport or birth certificate;
  • qualifications;
  • induction certificate; and
  • personal details forms.

Your access to MyHR will commence on the first day of your employment.

You may have to wait 48 hours after providing all your documents (unless you have to submit a pay claim by today - please contact the Admin Coordinator in your school, or your supervisor.)

You may also contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or by emailing

Q: How do I obtain access to MyHR
A: Once your contract is processed by HR Services, a report is sent to Technology Services advising details of any new employees. Your username and password is then created and emailed to your SCU email account with the relevant link to MyHR.

Q: Can I access MyHR from home?
A: Yes, MyHR is a web-enabled product available to employees from any internet connection.

Q: I haven't been supplied the login detail for MyHR. I received an email from Tech Support but that login doesn't work. What should I do?
A: The login you received is to login to your SCU email account. Your MyHR username and password will only be sent to your SCU email account. You will need to ensure you can log into this account to access your MyHR account details.

Q: What are the rules for a valid password in MyHR?
A: MyHR passwords are case-sensitive. For a password to be valid it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • a minimum of eight characters, including at least one number and one capital letter;
  • no special characters such as * > # @; and
  • maximum of 20 characters.

Q: I've forgotten my password - what do I do?
  • Go to the MyHR log in screen.
  • Type in your user name, it should be the same as your network i.d. e.g. jcitizen, if you were John Citizen. Note - your username is limited to 8 characters, e.g. John Australian would be jaustral. If you have a more common surname (e.g. Smith) you may be ksmith1, please contact Technology Services to confirm.
  • click the FORGOT PASSWORD button.
  • click the EMAIL ME A NEW PASSWORD button.
  • click the CONFIRM button.
  • after reading the message click on the OK button.
  • wait approximately 5-10 mins and then go to your MS Outlook or Webmail email inbox.
  • you should see an email with the following subject: Request for New MyHR Password. Your new temporary password will be in the email and will have a combination of letters and numbers.
  • go back to the MyHR log in screen and type in your User name and temporary password and click the LOG ON button

You will be prompted to change this temporary password.

Q: I have more than one employee number available in MyHR. How do I know which is the correct number to use?
A: The relevant employee number can be identified by the position title, work unit and location listed with the details of the employee number.

If you are unsure which employee number to select, please contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or email

Q: I have more than one casual contract. How do I enter the hours?
A: Different contracts may be combined under one employee number if the:

  • Contracts are all for academic or all professional, and
  • Same rate/s apply, and
  • Work is performed in the same work unit.

These pay claims will need to be entered on the one timekeeper form. You may need to use the comments section of timekeeper to identify the work for the Central Role Approver (e.g. if the work is for a particular supervisor, project, or laboratory).

For multiple contracts which do not fit into the above criteria, you will have a separate employee number and need to enter separate timekeeper forms by selecting the correct employee number from the drop down box. If you are unsure which employee number to select, please contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or email

Q: Enter the time. How do I enter 3 hours and 30 minutes into my timekeeper?
A: The MyHR system looks at time in hrs and minutes. If you enter 3:30 it reflects that you worked 3hrs and 30mins, if you enter 3:50 it reflects that you worked 3hrs and 50mins.

Q: Why aren't my timekeeper forms showing?
A: Please check you have selected the correct employee number from the drop-down box on the upper left of the screen. If you are unsure which employee number to select, please contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or email

If no forms appear when you select the correct number please contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or email

Q: I am trying to submit my timekeeper record and am getting the message "Payroll processing has been inhibited because this employee is ready for payrun". What does this mean?
A: This message will be produced when the MyHR function has been locked out by payroll to finalise the pays for the fortnight. It will usually occur on the Monday to Wednesday of the pay week. Please log in again after Wednesday to make any entries.

Q: I have a Mac - how do I enter my timesheet?
A: Users on a Mac are unable to select the drop down fields and must type the entries, or the beginning of entry, for each field in the timekeeper form. The character 'O' will also have to precede the rate codes.

Q: What are the deadlines for submitting pay claims?
A: You are required to complete fortnightly pay claims in MyHR and submit to your central role approver by close of business each second Wednesday, prior to pay Thursday (or as directed by your work unit).

Q: How do I validate my timekeeper claim form?
A: When you have completed working on your pay claim form, click the CONFIRM MODIFY or SAVE AND VALIDATE button.

You can continue coming back as many times as needed to add or change information on your Timekeeper form. When you return you will notice that Timekeeper has converted your basic data to a time format e.g. data originally entered as "1" will be shown as "01:00" when you return.

You will need to ensure the status of your timekeeper is 'submitted' to ensure you will be paid for the fortnight.

Q: I have validated my Timekeeper, but have not been paid, what has gone wrong?
A: Once you have completed all entries in your Timekeeper, select Save and Validate. You will be returned to the front page and will need to select the SUBMIT button on the right hand side. The timekeeper will then be sent to the allocated approver in your work area, and once approved, will ensure you are paid for that fortnight.

Q: I've submitted my timekeeper but my supervisor says they haven't received it for approving. Why can't they see it?
A: Log into MyHR to ensure that your timekeeper says it has been submitted and not just validated. If it says it has been approved, it may have been approved by someone else within the work unit.

Q: Can I make a change to a Timekeeper record once I have submitted it for approval to be paid?
A: Yes, you can recall the Timekeeper records, before it is approved. If the Timekeeper record has already been approved, you will not be able to make changes. If you need to make a change to an approved Timekeeper record, you will need to complete a Manual Pay Claim form (available from your work unit Administration Manager), submit for approval then forward to HR Services for processing.

Q: How do I access my pay information?
A: For details on how to access Pay Advices go to the Viewing and Printing my Pay Advices guide in the MyHR for Employees Training module in Black Board.

Q: Does the rate of pay on my pay advice include the casual loading?
A: The hourly rate of pay shown on the pay advice is multiplied by 1.25 (casual loading) giving the correct casual rate of pay.

Q: Who do I contact for assistance for further information?
A: In the first instance you can contact your Administration Coordinator in your school, ow work unit, or your supervisor. There are also User Guides available through Blackboard to assist you with making a pay claim.

You may also contact HR Services on 6620 3667 or by emailing

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact the Technology Support - Service Desk by email or on 02 6620 3698.