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A - Z of organisation development

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Academic promotions application - levels C & B [doc]
Academic promotions application - levels E & D [doc]
Academic promotions - supervisor report [doc]
Academic staff portfolios
Academic staff portfolio form [doc]
Academic staff portfolio guide [pdf][top]


Change management plan template [doc]
Change management - guidelines for SCU supervisors and managers [pdf]
Checklist for managing change [pdf]
Collaborate help


Leadership Capability Framework
Leadership Capability Framework Guide [pdf]


Managing for performance
MyHR help


Nomination for rewards program [pdf]


Performance Management, Development and Review (PMDR)
PMDR - four components of the PMDR review
PMDR for supervisors
- FAQs for supervisors
- Resources for supervisors
- Supervisor checklists [pdf]
PMDR policy
PMDR procedures
PMDR process flowchart [pdf]
PMDR report for academic employees (folio 7 of the academic staff portfolio) [doc]
PMDR plan template for professional employees [doc]
Professional learning
Professional learning programs
Professional Staff Career Development Program [pdf]


Special studies leave application [doc]
Special studies leave information [doc]
Study assistance application [pdf]
Study assistance - application for upfront payment of student contribution fees [pdf]
Study assistance - application for assistance with full fee paying postgraduate study [pdf]
Study assistance - expense payment fringe benefit declaration (full fee paying postgraduate study) [pdf]


Workforce planning
Workforce planning guidelines [pdf]