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A - Z of WHS

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Alcohol on University premises form [pdf: online data entry]
Australian standards database - SAI Global


Children on campus
Child safe environment policy and procedures
Codes of practice - WorkCover
Consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience induction
Contractor induction


Disabilities - guide for the employment of people with a disability [pdf]
Disabilities policy
Domestic violence support
Driving safety policy
Drug and alcohol policy


Emergency assembly area map - Lismore campus [pdf]
Emergency assembly area map - Gold Coast campus [pdf]
Emergency evacuation training
Emergency procedures - Coffs Harbour (CHEC) [pdf]
Emergency procedures - Lismore and Gold Coast campuses [pdf]
Emergency wardens
Employee assistance program
Employee wellness
Employees with disabilities policy


First aid
First aid officers


GHS Hazardous Chemical Information List
Gold Coast emergency evacuation trainingGuide for the employment of people with a disability [pdf]


Hazardous Chemical Information List (GHS)
Hazardous substances [pdf]
Health and safety conduct on campus
Health and safety procedures for working with microorganisms [pdf]
Health and safety representatives (HSRs) List
Hepatitis virus - see blood-borne pathogens policy
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - refer to Blood-Borne Pathogens Policy


Incident, accident and hazard report [pdf: online data entry]
Induction checklist for work units [pdf: online data entry]
- consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience
- contractors
Injury management system
Injury management and rehabilitation policy
Injury management flowchart [pdf]
Introductory WHS training
International SOS


Laboratory safety manual [pdf]
Laboratory safety training
Lock out and tag out procedures


Manual handling training
Microorganisms - health and safety procedures [pdf]
Microbiology investigation form [doc]


Occupational health and safety- see workplace health and safety
OHS risk management procedure - see WHS risk management procedure
OHS training - see WHS training
OCID chemical database
Outdoor fieldwork safety policy
Overseas travel


Personal protective equipment policy
Policies & procedures


Radiation safety manual [pdf]
Risk assessment template [docx]
Risk management procedure - WHS


Safety manual - laboratory [pdf]
Safe working procedures
Safe working procedure data sheets
Safety support officers
Safety Support Officer - information
Sample - Bio Lab induction postgrad form [docx]
Sample - Bio Lab sample assessment form [docx]
Sample - SEM Lab sample assessment form [docx]
Sample - WHS training & fieldwork participation form [doc]
Sample safety checklist - general office [docx]
Sample safety checklist - laboratory [rtf]
Sample safety checklist - workshop [rtf]
Smoke-free workplace policy
Specific WHS requirements template - work unit [docx]
Standards database - SAI Global


Tag out procedures
Transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous substances manual
Travel overseas


Wellness @ SCU
Wellness program
Workers' compensation procedures
Working with microorganisms - health and safety procedures [pdf]
Workplace health and safety (WHS) homepage
WHS awareness
WHS management system
WHS - risk assessment template [docx]
WHS - risk management procedure
WHS - self assessment [pdf: online data entry]
WHS - training
Work unit WHS induction checklist [pdf]
Work unit template - specific WHS requirements [doc]